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Corp Declaration

No one is perfect.  We all have strengths and weaknesses.  We all make mistakes.  Mistakes become lessons.  We are always learning so we must always be kind. 


What is Kindness Corp?

  • Kindness Corp is our FREE kindness club open to kids from around the world!


Who can join Kindness Corp?

  • Any child who wishes to be a positive role model by spreading kindness and                                positively encouraging peers.

How do I JOIN Kindness Corp?

  • CLICK HERE to create your member log-in.  

  • Once you've logged in you can access member-only perks, receive free Kindness Kits, receive free Kindness Kits for your birthday and you'll be the first to know about our projects!  It's FREE to join!  

What do Kindness Kidz do?

Kindness Kidz participate in Operation Good Deed Doer and Operation Kidz Helping Kids and help us share courage, kindness and compassion.

What will be required of me once I join?

  • All members agree to follow the Come Together with Kindness Corp Code of Conduct.  

  • Members participate in outreach projects important to them.  We have over 15 outreach projects.and counting!



Click here to download our RAK Tracker (Random Acts of Kindness tracking form).  This form was designed to help kids keep track of their acts of kindness and/or Secret Service Missions!  See how to turn this into a keepsake or gift by reading about our Gift of Giving Booklet.

Click here to download our Compliment Collector form.  This form was designed to help kids remember to share kind thoughts and never forget the kind thoughts shared with them!






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