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In 2013 we started doing random acts of kindness with Drew during the holidays. We all loved it so much that by 2014 we discovered a way to share our love of random acts of kindness

(RAKs) and started Operation Good Deed Doer, Secret Service Missions for Kids.

We came up with inexpensive, easy, good deeds that kids could do. We did these missions with Drew’s first grade class and have done the project every year since. What exactly is Operation Good Deed Doer? Come check it out!!! We have an entire page dedicated to it on our website!

What’s even better??!! We could not be more excited to share these fun secret service missions with you through our Come Together with Kindness Initiative. Operation Good Deed Doer not only gets kids started doing random acts of kindness, but it also starts, what we hope, will become part of their everyday thought process 365 days a year! There are always opportunities to be kind! Giving can be even more fun than receiving and being thoughtful of others simply makes the world a better place. The holidays are a great time to get kids started! It is never too late for adults to start, too!

​Templates for everything you need to carry out your own version of Operation Good Deed Doer, Secret Service Missions, are now available for FREE! Simply join our mailing list and we will email you the zip files! You can tailor these files to meet the needs of your class, group, office or simply use them for yourself!

We would LOVE it if you tagged us in your Instagram photos! Tag @cometogetherwithkindness and hashtag #operationgooddeeddoer and #cometogetherwithkindness


It is FREE to join, and we'll keep you updated on other great ways to come together with kindness! <3

​We're always here to help! If you have any questions, please let us know by contacting us at

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