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Come on, ladies! Give us a break, will ya?!?

Well, while it doesn't appear that they'll be stopping anytime soon we are SO GLAD that summer is here in hopes that maybe, just maybe, things will slow down...if even just a wee bit!

First things first, CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through another school year! To celebrate we're about to send out a fun summer mission! But hold on to yer hat there partner, things have changed a bit. We've restructured our mission program and added a new program! Say, wha??!

First, if you would like to receive our missions, free of charge, you must sign up for Kindness Corp. I mean, come on, you wanna be in our kindness club, don't ya?! Members of Kindness Corp are called Kindness Kidz. Kidness Kidz will receive kindness missions. To officially join and receive missions in the mail please create your very own log in! You'll have access to member only pages with TOP SECRET STUFF! Oh yes, it's classified...we classify it as, "FUN!"

Second, we've created a new division of Kindness Kidz called Role Modelz. This is a super fun program geared towards kids who have special talents and interests they wish so share to help spread kindness. We can't even keep up with all these cool ideas! ;)

In other news...because we're full of it lately...we just named our next Courage to Be Kind Medallion recipient! We can't wait for you to meet Dakota. He is a super great kid with a very level head and huge heart.

Since we last chatted, we named Mitchell our Vice President. He has been THE most supportive of our initiative, created his own missions and shares all kinds of awesome ideas and feedback with us. It just made sense that he is our VP!! Mitchell will be our first Role Modelz Kid to debut an item in our shop! We can't wait! <3

We just added some super fun pins and keychains to our store from Emily McDowell that recognize everyday bravery! Like everything in our store, they ship free!

Last, but not least, we're reorganizing our website...slowly but surely, to make it more user friendly. Hopefully this will help make viewing a little more pleasant on mobile devices, too. :)

OK! Go create your log in NOW so we can send you a cool mission to help you beat the heat! :D


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