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#2 Are You a Holiday Hostage?

Our KIND of Christmas

Holiday Blog Series #2

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Don’t Be a Holiday Hostage

I remember the feeling of being held hostage by the endless series of routine obligations that make us feel like we’re trying to function in an authoritarian dictatorship rather than celebrate the


Eventually I realized that we like to call these obsessive, and often unrealistic holiday expectations, “traditions.”

It’s a tradition to eat chicken and noodles at the exact same time every year at your mother’s cousin’s sister’s grandma’s, right? It’s a tradition to show up with a dessert and gifts for everyone attending, right?

I’m not so sure.

Growing up, my favorite holiday tradition was my Grandad’s famous Christmas toast. We giggled about his silly toast as we made sure to clink every person’s glass as we wished them a Merry Christmas.

Traditions aren’t unspoken laws that leave us feeling stressed or drained. Traditions don’t cause dread. Traditions are things we look forward to each year, things we love to do because they have sentiment and make us feel happy.

Take a step back and look at your holiday.

Make sure you're not a holiday hostage!

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The Mission Mom

The Mission Mom

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