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#3 When Angels Sing

Our KIND of Christmas

Holiday Blog Series #3

To get the most out of our series, start with #1!

The letter below was sent to a sweet lady we do not know who was working the gift store at Carlsbad Caverns. I found her name printed on the receipt along with the park address.

Hello, Miss Sherrill!

The week of Thanksgiving our family took a trip from Texas to visit and meet up with framily in New Mexico. On our way home, we REALLY wanted to take a quick peek at the Caverns, but we had very limited time. We rolled in, towing a ginormous 5th wheel camper, literally three minutes before the last tickets were sold at 3:15. Drew, my 11-year-old son, and I, came running in like the typical wild-eyed, time-pressed,car-hair, gotta-pee, crazed tourists that we really were that day!

We were met with a friendly smile and asked if we’d been in the Caverns yet. I quickly replied, with heavy breathing, “No! But we’d like to!” We were pointed to the entrance. While admiring the decorative bats on the ceiling I almost tripped over the divider ropes. In too big of a hurry to be embarrassed, I clumsy made my way to the entrance.

Next, we were kindly directed to the ticket counter then told to meet back at the entrance no later than 3:30. “WHOO HOO,” I thought to myself as I stepped over to purchase tickets… “I can pee!” I purchased our tickets and Drew and I took off to the bathroom.

I had no service, so the text I sent to my husband (he was parking our camper in the back 40) did not go through. I told Drew to watch for Dad while I took my turn in the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom while Ray came OUT of visitor center. He never saw Drew and Drew never saw him. With little time to be perplexed about how in the world they both missed each other, I shooed Ray back inside as I happily explained that I did get tickets and Drew and I even got to go to the bathroom!

We got to take a brisk, but lovely, walk through the Caverns and we’re so glad we did. What a beautiful place full of wonder. We had such a great experience. But, little did we know, the best experience would come when we went to the gift store…and how many parents can say that? Lol

A lovely lady in the store was singing…she was in a store and she was singing. She overheard Drew ask Dad for quarters, so he could press a souvenir penny. We collect those everywhere we go. Where was I? You guessed it, I had to pee…again!

The lovely lady was YOU. The same lovely lady that gave my husband the change, so Drew could get a souvenir penny made. The same lovely lady that my husband thanked and assured that we would pay her good deed forward. The same lovely lady that showed Drew that kindness really does come back to you. The same lovely lady that we want to thank one more time by giving her more change to pay it forward many more times.

And about the singing…ironically, Drew had just been in a theatre production of Elf the Musical Jr and we had just created a special Mission challenging people to sing while in a store because the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! Now, I SHOULD have shared my kind thoughts with you about how lovely your voice was and how I thought it was so awesome that you were in the store and you were singing…and how there is just no way your singing doesn’t make EVERYONE feel warmly welcomed…but, again, I had to pee…so I’m sharing my thoughts now!

We would love for you take our I’m-in-a-store-and-I’m-singing Challenge, though it’s not much of a challenge for you! You have a lovely voice and a kind spirit!

We’ve also included both Series I and II of our Santa’s Secret Service Missions. We thought you might enjoy sharing these with the kiddos in your life.

We also hope you’ll just keep being you because YOU ARE AWESOME!!! You are so awesome, and this story is such a feel good- it was meant to be story that I’m going to feature this letter on my Holiday Blog Series this month!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Well Wishes & Warm Hugs!

Ray, Carmen and Drew Miller

THANK YOU, AGAIN, Sherrill, for the picture of your beautiful self and your kind message back! You are so very right, when you least expect it there may be an angel standing right in front of you…or there may be an angel in a store and she's singing. <3 We can’t wait to hear from you again as you have more stories to share that will inspire others as much as you have inspired us!

Kindness truly does come back to you.

The Mission Mom

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