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#5 Sow Kind!

Be sure to read the first post in Our KIND of Christmas to get the most of out of the Series!

Read and Seed

The second year of Operation Good Deed Doer we decided to leave gift cards in children’s books. I called this Mission Read and Seed because we loved the idea that it could encourage reading while also planting a seed of kindness.

So...we seriously just left gift cards in books? Yep. Now, every year on Christmas Eve, with Drew in his Santa suit and his entourage decked out in elf garb, we head to a local bookstore and purchase a few small gift cards.

Santa Drew

We take special care to ensure that the gift card will completely cover the cost of the book in which it’s placed. We love the idea that when a child picks up a book to flip through it the card will fall out. They’ll soon discover that there is enough on the gift card to purchase the book…or another one of their choice in the same price range.

We loved this Mission so much I incorporated it as a party favor at a Christmas party a few years back. The party was for adults. Attendees received an envelope marked, “Top Secret.” The envelopes contained a Mission letter with the directives mentioned above and a gift card to the local bookstore. They loved the idea of going undercover in the book store to hide their gift card in books for a child to find. We used several other Missions at the party, too, and, to date, of all the parties I have ever done for adults, this one is my favorite.

You can see why it’s clearly one of our all-time favorite Missions to do together as a family!

Gosh, I just realized…we just did a different version of read and seed with this post! I shared, you read and hopefully a seed of kindness was planted!

Thank you for being sow kind!

The Mission Mom

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