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I Know It's Not Just Me...

Everyone still hanging in there?! Between crazy weather and gobs of school and end of the year events, spring has been buzzing with activity. But the busier we get the more challenging life can be. Spring is a beautiful time of year but having too much to do can get ugly and that can make us ugly, so hang in there! Summer is almost here!

Aside from all the to-dos, we had a wonderful time spreading some spring themed kindness in Arkansas over Easter. It’s a tradition of ours to share kindness eggs wherever we go at Eastertime. It’s especially fun to “hide” the glow-in-the-dark eggs! The awesome thing about our kindness eggs is that even if you don’t celebrate Easter, the mini Missions inside the eggs are simply about kindness, which means they are still a wonderful treat for anyone.

Then we came home and had some more fun doing our May Day flowers and baskets! As a child I absolutely loved May Day. We had a great time and such a positive response from our flowers and baskets that our, “May these brighten your Day Baskets” will now be an annual outreach! Love May Day? Don’t know what May Day is? Want to join us next year? Find our more here!

As I was organizing our May Day activities, I started reminiscing about the long list of women in my life who helped me learn and grow. I reflected on how each of them has touched my life in different ways. On May Day I always knew just whose doors I wanted to grace with flowers. So, the next time a child gives you a flower (or a beautiful weed), I hope you realize that you have clearly made an impact on him or her!

These thoughts seemed to go hand in hand with Mother’s Day. My mother is the self-proclaimed sunbeam. Always ready for fun, she likes to go, go, go. People usually think we’re sisters. I never correct them. Why not let my mother bask in the glory of the fact that though I’m 20 years her junior people think we’re siblings? There’s no point in trying to determine if it’s because I look so much older than I am or because she acts so much younger than she is. I already know the answer! 😉 When I started designing shirts for our Etsy shop to help with expenses for

Come Together with Kindness, I realized that I had some beautiful paintings that would be perfect for the motivational and inspirational shirts I had planned. The paintings are very special because they were painted by my mom. The shirts turned out so pretty! We have something for everyone with over 150 listings in our Etsy shop and we’re nowhere near finished!

As we bid farewell to spring, we welcome summer with a hopeful heart that the sunny days ahead will be a bit more relaxing and full of fun.

Planning to go to the beach this summer? Create your own Mission 014 Beach Kind with this free download. We hope you’ll tag us in the fun when you carry out your Mission!

Click HERE to see some other fun Missions we like to do during the summer! Make your own Missions or let us do it for you! Several of our Missions are in our store and our Etsy shop.

Don’t forget to sign up your kiddos as a member of Kindness Corp, our free online kindness club! Members get FREE Missions in the mail once per quarter! This means that Kindness Kidz get to do our newest Missions first! We can hardly wait to share four new Missions soon! Here are a few hints!





Don’t forget about our RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Tracker! It’s a fun way to keep up with all the great memories you make when doing random (or intentional!) acts of kindness! It will also help you write your Gift of Giving booklet for the holidays! Another fun resource that can be used alongside our RAK Tracker is our Compliment Collector form! You wouldn’t believe what a pick-me-up re-reading your Compliment Collector can be!

Did you happen to hear about our new birthday Mission? Mission 025 Happy Birthday to Me, inspired by Liz at

The Smile Project, will be in our store and Etsy Shop soon with some fun add-ons! We’re so excited to share our new birthday program for Kindness Kidz! Kindness Kidz will be able to request Mission 025 for FREE if they would like to spread kindness for their birthday!

Don’t Forget!

We are still looking for young talents and entrepreneurs!

  • Can you sew? Create felt animal sewing kits or make GG’s Dream Puff Pillows!

  • Are you a designer? Design unique, kindness centered clothing & accessories and list them in our shop!

  • Are you an artist? Design t-shirts for our shop or comics for our website!

  • Can you crochet? Crochet small items for our Missions or stocking caps or scarves for Santa’s Secret Service projects!

  • Have other talents and hobbies? Check out our Role Modelz Kidz page for ideas! Let’s work together for good! Have questions? Contact us at

Mark Your Calendars

In addition to our year round Operation Good Deed Doer outreach we've added lots of new activities! Yay! To find out more about our upcoming Outreach & Community Service Projects take a peek at the list below or visit our Outreach page!

Meet, Play & Race Face to Face!

Video games are fun but let’s get outside, meet new friends, play and run!

Bring your own car and let’s play in person!

Name tags and Meet Sheets for kids will be provided.

Bring your own chairs and blankets. We wheely hope to see you there!

Project Date: Fall 2019

Quarterly, weather permitting


Randomly leave positive words of encouragement and uplifting chalk art on the sidewalks to brighten everyone’s day. Snap a picture and share away! Let’s inspire others to come together with kindness and art!

Project Date: Immediate and ongoing

Get rid of first day of school jitters by leaving positive words of encouragement and uplifting chalk art on the sidewalks at your school! Great conversation starters and photo ops. Start the school year off on the right foot with a Chalk Walk!

Seeking administrators, teachers, student artists, student journalists and photojournalists partners.

Project Date: August & September 2019

Fill pencil bags with school supplies and kindness centered goodies and activities for back to school! Bags include Mission 021 Pledge on Words.

We’re happy to partner with your current backpack or school supply drive!

Teachers interested in having a bag for each student in their class for the first day of school, please contact us!


Bags can include our #knowtheirbackstory Campaign.

Kids who exhibit unkind behavior have hurting hearts. Kids on the receiving end of unkind behavior end up with hurting hearts, too. Sometimes the solution to a problem is so simple it’s overlooked. Every person has a story. If we only knew even the smallest details about someone’s story it could help generate understanding, empathy, rapport and even friendship. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could simply read a book about someone, or even the back of their book, just to get an idea of who they are? The #knowtheirbackstory Campaign does just that, it allows you to learn what you might read on the back of someone’s biography by using Story Starters. Story Starters are simple conversation starter sheets kids can use to approach and talk to their peers. Story Starters have open ended questions written in an interview format. By asking these simple questions, students help their peer write a true story, their story! You would be surprised the difference it can make when you #knowtheirbackstory

It’s the perfect project for the first day of school…or anytime.

Project Date: August & September 2019

Project Dates: September-December 2019

Meet the boy behind the book! Don’t miss your chance to meet Curly Q Drew and hear all about his Message Mistake! Super Fun Bonus: The back of every book features original comics about Drew’s two silly dogs, Dilly and Dally. See demos of Drew drawing Dilly and Dally and other original characters! We’ll also have kindness Missions, coloring pages, and other fun freebies for kids from Come Together with Kindness. The best part? Participate in our...

Project Dates: September-December 2019

Our words matter, so come help us share words of encouragement and love with those who need it most by marking your kind words on a bookmark! Join us at

Curly Q Drew book signing outreach events to make bookmarks to give in conjunction with our outreach activities* for individuals in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and in hospice care. To thank you for your time, energy and kindness, you can also make a bookmark to keep!

Project Dates: September-December 2019

Create small goody bags (preferably with non-food items) and deliver to kids who are not able to trick or treat on Halloween. More info coming soon.

Project Date: October 31, 2019

Recruit your group, business or organization to knock our socks off in the Souper Crazy Sock Challenge! Show us your craziest socks before donating cans of soup and pairs of socks (crazy or not!) to your local shelter during the month of November! The group with the craziest socks and the biggest donation collection WINS! In conjunction with the Souper Crazy Sock Challenge, during the month of November, you can purchase socks from We Help Two. For every two packs of socks you buy, a pair of socks will be donated to the Highway 80 Rescue Mission! But that’s not all, half the funds raised go towards Come Together with Kindness outreach projects! How souper crazy awesome is that?! Socks are the most requested item at homeless shelters. Most shelters can’t accept used socks, not many socks are donated, and people living on the street wear through pairs quickly. Wouldn’t it be souper if we could sock this problem outa the park?! Ready, set, Souper Socks!

Project Date: November 1-November 30, 2019

Sew, deliver or sponsor comfort pillows for those in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and hospice care. We’re also making special patriotic pillows for veterans. Read GG’s story and more information about the pillows here! *In conjunction with Mark My Words Bookmark Outreach.

Project Date: November 2019

Recruiting volunteer Santas and donors to fulfill Christmas wishes for deserving children on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

More details coming soon.

Project Date: December 24 & 25 2019

Spring Mission Series & Fun Run/Walk

Do four kindness Missions with your group in these categories: Bee Kind, Bee Happy, Bee You, Bee the Change. Wrap it up with a fun run/walk wearing crazy socks to celebrate that everyone is the bee’s knees in his/her own unique way! Bee the Change Challenge focuses on being kind to others, being happy and loving yourself and accepting and embracing our differences.

Project Date: March & April 2020

Create and deliver flower bouquets and/or gift baskets on May Day.

*In conjunction with Mark My Words Bookmark Outreach.

Project Date: May 1, 2020

We can’t do it without YOU and we don't want to! ;)

To join, sponsor, help or hold any of our outreach projects in your area please contact us at

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