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Are you already missing your summer vacation at the beach and wish summer would STOP. MOVING. SO. FAST? Then you definitely need to check out our latest summer-themed Missions! It’s not quite time for back to school just yet so we encourage all our Kindness Kidz to head over to our online shop and pick out the four (4) FREE Missions of their choice using the special member code on our membership page now through August 12th! If you are not a member, let’s fix that right now! Join by creating a free log in to access our member’s only page and get the code for your free Missions!

We've added five new Missions to our Shop!

Of our five new Missions, three are very, very special!

We created Mission 023 Beautiful Bends and Folds in honor of our incredible friends, Katherine and Isabelle, founders of Paper for Water. These incredible young ladies use the art of origami to raise money for clean water. Your talents and strengths are your

superpowers! Learn how the kids with Paper for Water are using their superpowers to change the world! Be sure to sign up for their newsletter, follow them on Facebook and Instagram and go check out their YouTube Channel!! We can’t wait to partner with this life changing group again soon!

Another new Mission, which has become one of our most popular, is Mission 028 Cats + Kindness = Purrfection. Created in honor of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, we encourage everyone to check out American Humane. Once there you can find a shelter in your area and see how you can help a sweet kitty cat (or any animal) who needs you!

Last, but certainly not least, we were fortunate enough to answer a call to action sent out by Liz Buechele, founder of
The Smile Project. Liz was searching for 25 different people in 25 different cities who were willing to do an act of kindness for her 25th birthday. She called the project
#25cities25acts. We loved the idea and signed up! Creating a birthday Mission for Come Together with Kindness has been on my to do list for quite some time. I just wasn’t quite sure how it would work. Once we started working on our acts of kindness to share in honor of Liz, I was so inspired that I knew exactly what to do!
We decided
to share our own 25 acts of kindness in honor of Liz…but the best part? Liz inspired Mission 025 Happy Birthday to Me!
Members of Kindness Corp can now sign up to receive FREE Missions to share with friends to spread kindness on their birthday! Members who sign up will receive an email reminder to order their Missions 30 days prior to their special day. YAY! Thank you, Liz, for the work do and for your inspiration! SPECIAL THANKS TO LIZ for featuring Come Together with Kindness on her blog! Follow Liz and The Smile Project on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for your daily dose of Happiness is...!

Speaking of birthdays, Come Together with Kindness turns two in August! When I look at how far we’ve come and how much we’ve done in such a short

period I cannot help but be grateful and amazed. But the truth is, it is growing so fast we're having a hard time keeping up! That’s a great problem to have but it’s also a little scary! We sincerely appreciate the support of friends and family who have helped us along the way!


When we first started this adventure back in 2017 I wasn’t sure what to expect. Less than two years later, we’ve shared over 2,700 kindness Missions, recognized four deserving kids with Courage to Be Kind Medallions, recognized other kids and

nonprofits who are doing incredible work, have more than a dozen outreach projects planned and we are about to publish our very first book, Curly Q Drew & The Message Mistake! The timing could not be better to announce that Come Together with Kindness is now an official 501(c)3 not for profit organization! I know, right?! This means that your donations and in-kind donations, that we appreciate so much, are now tax deductible! Yay! It also means that sponsorships are also tax deductible! If you’re wondering what you might sponsor, we have lots of choices! :D You can sponsor one Mission or tons of Missions! You can sponsor one Courage to Be Kind Medallion or you can sponsor a Medallion program for a school for the entire year. Help your school, group or organization recognize kids who have the courage to be kind! You can sponsor a presentation, speaking engagement or outreach event. You can also sponsor or volunteer your talents or time to one of our many outreach projects!


Back to School!

Calling all Parents, Teachers, Administrators and Students!!

Look at the fun stuff coming up!

August & September

We're creating & sharing pencil bags with basic school supplies & kindness centered activities & Missions!

August & September Kick Off

Can run indefinitely!

Share kind words on campus for back to school and/or throughout the year!

Chalk Walk Outreach

September - Indefinitely

Meet the boy behind the book!

Curly Q Drew Book

Create bookmarks that share kind words and art!

Donate your favorite read and plant a seed...

of kindness!

October-November 2019

Sock & Food Drive Challenge

Souper Crazy Sock Challenge

March-May 2020

Kindness Mission Series and Fun Run/Walk

wearing cRaZy socks because our differences are our super powers! Always BEE yourself!

Bee Kind, Bee Happy, Bee You!

NOW - Indefinitely

Carry out kindness Missions, help us create kindness Missions or volunteer to help us stuff kindness Missions!

The Misadventures of Dilly and Dally

If you are interested in participating or helping with any of these projects in your school, area or city, please let us know and we'll provide you the information and sponsorship forms!

Thank you for all of your support!


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