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Holiday Help is Here!

It’s pumpkin spice everything time, like it or not! Even if you're in the not category, our new fall shirts are sure to make you smile. My current favorites are the Pumpkin spice and JUST BE NICE tees! It shouldn’t be that hard, right?! 😉

It’s also that time of year when we just thought we were busy before. We’re about to chase our tails down that holiday rabbit hole! Planning ahead is always my goal but it seems like something always happens. Like tons of other activities creep in that I had no idea were lurking in the shadows until the very last minute! But, somehow we manage, even though that means I perpetually need a nap!

Speaking of the holidays…not to brag, but we already know what we’re getting everyone for Christmas! Yep. SHOPPING. DONE. Mainly because we don’t really do much holiday shopping and because everyone on our list is getting a Curly Q Drew book and a pair of FUNky socks! 😊 Now we can kick back and relax, right?! Riiiiiight….

Did you know you can shop with us? We have over 115 different kindness themed t-shirts in our Etsy Shop! To thank you for checking it out, use coupon code FALL2019 for 15% off any order over $20! All of our shirts are print-on-demand and ship directly from the printers once you place your order.

We also have a Shop on our website! We have patches, buttons, jewelry, bags, plushies and keychains at great prices. Basically, there is something for everyone! EVERYTHING in our shop ships FREE! Proceeds from both shops’ benefit Come Together with Kindness.

Speaking of shopping, we finally have Drew’s book in our grubby little hands! Whoo hoo! The Legend of Curly Q Drew and The Message Mistake will make a great gift for the kiddos on your list. Watch the promo video here! The book shares some very important lessons and it’s extra special because it was written by a kiddo for other kiddos! The book was beautifully illustrated by Angelina Stevens, and Drew has his very own comics in there, too. Kids helping kids is what we’re all about! If you have your calendar handy and you like to plan ahead, *ahem*, to the best of your ability, come out and see us at one of the following locations!




120 E 9th Ave #1, downtown Stillwater 1:00-5:00 PM

If you can’t catch us, you can order the book and we’ll ship it wherever you’d like for it to go!

If you’d like us to come read the book to your group or have Drew speak, just shoot us an email at

Oh, and if you’re as big a fan of Curly Q Drew as I am, we have “merch” in our Etsy shop. (I had to ask what merch is…apparently saying, “merchandise” is not nearly as cool! Lol)

And the FUNky socks I mentioned earlier…BEST. STOCKING. STUFFERS. EVER. We're having a Sock Drive and fundraiser combo!

We have over 27 different funky sock designs available in kid’s, women’s and men’s sizes. We’ve partnered with We Help Two to do a combo sock drive/fundraiser.

I picked up some of these socks last year and they are my favorite! Like, must-do-laundry-to-wear-my-favorite-socks favorite. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the designs are so much fun! There is something for everyone! We have Texas socks, Colorado socks, Florida socks, athletic socks...but it gets even better. A three-pack of these totally tubular (*snort*) socks is only $12! Seriously- $12! That’s still not all! (I know, right??!!) Come Together with Kindness gets to keep 50% from all sock sales! Still not done…yes, way! For every two packs of socks we sell, We Help Two will donate an additional pair of socks to our sock drive! I mean, these socks are totally winning…like all the way around…and around again! If you’re in the market for a great fundraising option, we highly recommend We Help Two. Tell’em Carmen and Drew sent ya!

We’ll have the socks with us at the events above. If you can’t come see us you can order socks online. You can ship us socks for our sock drive or have your favorite socks shipped right to your front door! These socks make a great gift that gives in so many ways! The socks we collect through our sock drives will stay in the area in which they are collected. Longview socks go to Legacy Closet. Stillwater socks go to Wings of Hope, Stillwater Domestic Violence Shelter.

If you didn’t catch it last year, this is a great time to start reading our Holiday Blog Series from last year! Start with Our Kind of Christmas Post #1 and go from there if you’d like some inspiration on how to make your holidays more meaningful, get some alternative gift ideas and stop being a holiday hostage!

We hope we get to see you this year!

If not, last chance to grab socks is December 15th!

Now, time to roll up our sleeves and get ready for the holidays...and because it’s still really hot in Texas! Lol

Enjoy your pumpkin spice and let's all JUST. BE. NICE!

The Mission Mom

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