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This time of the year is always a little cRaZy! But this year, yeah, well, it's already taken the cake and we're just now getting to the holidaze! Before we take the coming week to rest and reflect on all we are thankful for, I wanted to send out a couple of smiles and a reminder.

Smile #1 How can this sweet, little yeti not make you smile? With his snaggle-toothed grin he chugs through each day even when next to no one believes in him. What's more, he's been called abominable more times than he can count, which hurts his feelings quite a lot. But, yet(i), he keeps going with his one-toothed smile. He's got some great advice for you, too. >>> Always believe in yourself, even when no one else does!

This brings me to Smile #2. Our cute lil' yeti and his great piece of advice are featured on one of our newest Kindness Kits! As always, we're giving our Kindness Kidz and fellow #worldchangers some FREE Kits! It's time for our quarterly mail out! During the holidays our kindness club, Kindness Corp, takes on the role of Santa's Secret Service! We actively recruit new Kindness Kidz to join our ranks. If you haven't become a member of our kindness club yet, it's easy. All you have to do is go to our club page and create a log in. When you log in you'll see Top Secret info that shares how to get your FREE Kits! Yay! Our Kits are now sponsored by the Giving Gift Co!

The reminder I wanted to share also serves as welcome to those who are new to CTWK. Holiday season before last I started a holiday blog series called, Our KIND of Christmas. This holiday season has already proven to be challenging. Rather than looking at the holidays through a Covid lense, I wanted to send a reminder about the blog. Why? Because old habits die hard, right? This year, though, things will be likely be different anyway. So, as you go into the season a little more open-minded to change, like it or not, now is the perfect time to go back and read the series. I talk about how we completely changed our holidays - on purpose! It is the best change we ever made. The reason this also serves as a great welcome for new comers? In the first post I talk about how Drew dealing with bullying type behaviors, and us slowly changing how our holidays work, later inspired the creation of Come Together with Kindness!

The very first post, Do You Give Presents or Gifts? is about an eight minute read. It's the longest post in the series. I always re-read it every year. It helps kick start my heart before I dive into the holidays. I can't get through it with a dry eye. If you'd like to get to know us just a little bit better this will definitely share some insight! The other five posts in the series are much shorter and share various holiday thoughts and ideas. Blog post #6 What About the Other 364? shares a fun challenge to start in the new year that can later be turned into a meaningful Christmas gift later. We hope you'll join us on our refresher of Our KIND of Christmas! We love new ideas! Tell us about your unique twist on the holidays! We can't wait to be inspired!

Deep breath...and just as our sweet yeti says,


Special thanks to Drew for drawing our yeti!

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