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Exciting News!

We hope this finds you hanging in there! What a challenging year 2020 has been and it isn't over yet! That's why we're excited to share some GOOD news and some

FREE Kindness Kits! YAY!!

The dark cloud of 2020 that seems to be hanging over us has brought about some positive things, believe it or not. I know we're not the only ones who have spent the last few months reassessing, soul searching and realizing how grateful we are for the little things and, most importantly, each other. I also recognized my need for humor to survive! This coupled with the fact that we love to give, and gift giving has always been a fun challenge I gladly accepted, it seemed like a no-brainer to start the Giving Gift Co!

The Giving Gift Co is an online gift shop filled with meaningful gifts that give.

The shop gives back in a couple of ways. First, every order comes with a free gift. We love the idea of encouraging giving and random, or intentional, acts of kindness. :)

Second, 20% of the proceeds will benefit Come Together with Kindness in hopes of fueling our outreach projects! The wonderful thing about this, too, is that the Giving Gift Co now offers our original Kindness Kits! This takes the expense of the Kits away from Come Together with Kindness! The Giving Gift Co will now work hand in hand with Come Together with Kindness to continue Operation Good Deed Doer and offer free Kits to members each quarter! Whoo hoo!

We especially love to offer gifts that give back in more ways than one! These gifts will feature a special ***Give Back Alert*** on the listing with info on how the gift is giving even more for triple the good!

Our specially curated selection of gifts come from some incredibly special folks, some small businesses and few of our favorite companies. We have gifts for all ages. Our gifts are uplifting and inspiring. Some are humorous and make us smile. If there is one thing we've learned, smiles and laughter are still the best medicine!

Speaking of smiles...our second spot of good news? Kits are now available to site members for FREE this week only! It's time for our quarterly mail outs and we're excited to unveil our new and improved Kindness Kits and our new Mini Kits! We spent the last several months working to improve our Kits, make them more appealing and easier to give and enjoy. Each member may choose any three Kits free! Free Kits are available through a private link and a coupon code that you'll find once you log in to our Member Site. If you're not a member yet, it's not too late! Register, log in and whaa laa!

We're not done yet! The Giving Gift Co is partnering with our local pumpkin patch!

If you're in the Longview, Texas area, check out our Pumpkin Surprise delivery options!

We took the idea of sharing a random act of kindness and incorporated fresh pumpkins!

A Pumpkin Surprise is sure to make someone's day! Now available for pre-order!

If you're reading this it means you're on our mailing list. Thank you so much for signing up and joining us in our efforts to make the world a little better, a littler brighter and a little kinder. We hope to see you back here again soon and over at our new site

A new season is upon us! Our favorite message this time of year?

Enjoy your...

May we all Fall for Kindness!

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