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Meet Logan

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

<Click the pic to play Logan's video.

"Hi, everyone! My name is Logan Justin So and I am a 16-year-old actor and performer from the city of Hong Kong. Growing up I’ve always taken an interest and passion in the performing arts. As a kid, I did singing and public speaking and as I grew up, I was involved in a lot more acting and theatre work. I also like to skateboard, listen to music, watch Netflix, take pictures and go on adventures! I hope you can join Come Together with Kindness and I on our exciting journey.”

As you can see, Logan is clearly vibrant and outgoing. About six months after Come Together with Kindness started, Logan discovered us on Instagram and began actively participating. He’s very positive, kind and considerate. He’s also been bullied.

“I remember I had a YouTube channel back in Year 7 and the kids would always make fun of me. They’d laugh because I posted singing covers and mock me whenever I had a school performance. They’d always say mean things to me at school and attack me on my YouTube channel. Much more recently (probably in the most recent year or so) people would out me to other people. So, what this means is that people know that I am part of the LGBT community, and they chose to tell other people (without my permission!). There was this one boy who kept shouting offensive slurs at me at the skatepark, and he’d tell every other boy there. A lot of them would give me weird looks, message me and interrogate me, all the horrible things. I was only 12 or so at the time so I would feel lonely and it did get to me. It hurt me that people were so mean and offensive. I was also very angry and annoyed at how uneducated these teenagers were and how they did not understand how to respect others.”

Logan is very resilient and has taken these negative experiences and grown from them. He’s made a point to reach out to other kids through Come Together with Kindness because he understands how devastating it can be when someone is bullied.

Logan’s mom, Isabelle, shared with us how very proud she is of Logan, and rightfully so. “Logan is a gentle and kind person who cares a lot about others. He loves nature and all animals. He adopted a cat from SPCA called Mylo and offered service to NGOs for animal rights. Currently, he is doing his Diploma Program for International Baccalaureate and busy with schoolwork, but he always spares time to go out to do community works, services, modeling and skating. He wants to study Performing Arts at University and has been involved in quite a few musicals and theatre works inside and outside of school. He likes to play Ukulele, baseball, rock climbing and his favorite activity currently is skating. Logan is genuine and unpretentious. He demonstrates care and compassion to the world, animals and less privileged people and takes action to help whenever he can. As his strength is in Performing Arts, he has done services teaching kids with Down Syndrome theatre works. He has helped younger students at school to apply for scholarships (him being a scholar). He is independent and always strives to improve at school and his hobbies.”

Logan is wise beyond his years and offers these words of encouragement to other kids who may be suffering from bullying or harassment. “You will get through it. Listen to yourself and those who support you. I had many, many supporters for my singing, yet there will always be a few people who are not pleased. They will always try to find something bad to say about you, because they have never gotten the courage to be as brave as you are. Be courageous, kind, and always choose to be brave.”

Logan is also proud of his peers for growing and learning to understand and respect that we all have differences. “As I grow up, my peers mature. I’m so happy to see my friends and classmates grow and develop as a human being. It does get better. Kids who used to mock me now respect me. They see me for who I really am, and they acknowledge me. 14 was the year I started exploring the person I really was. Since then, I have grown so much. I have been inspired by many people around me to always try my best in what I do. Trying to be kind to those who weren’t. Trying to be there for those who are hurting. Do the extra step just to make someone happy.”

We asked Logan why kindness is so important to him. “Kindness is important to me because it has made me into a better person.” We also asked Logan exactly what inspires him. “Initiatives like Come Together with Kindness inspire me. My supporters inspire me. My friends, family and youth inspire me. Kids who are compassionate, open minded, loving and understanding inspire me. Logan said he hopes to inspire others, too. “I hope I can inspire others with my experience as a kid and teen who has been hurting. I hope I can inspire those (adults too!) who don’t have the courage yet to step out of their box, through acting and the performing arts. I hope I can inspire others through my ambition, power and perseverance in life.”

Logan says he got involved with Come Together with Kindness because, “It truly is a fantastic initiative. To know that there are people who take extra time to work on changing the world, changing young minds, and improving our society. Especially since one of the main initiators is a kid, Drew. Because he is so young, he is so inspiring. This gives me hope for a better future.” Last year, Logan applied to be Role Modelz Kid and is one of our first participants in Operation Kidz Helping Kids. We are thrilled to have Logan on our kindness team.

Logan’s mom wants to make sure he knows just how wonderful he is, too. “He is unique with many special qualities and likable personalities. He is very much loved by Mom, Dad, his brother Josh, other family members and friends.” Her hope is that Logan, “Continues to explore his passion with great effort. To fully develop his potential as a learner and as a person; with a perspective to give back. To stay true to himself and follow his heart to pursue his dream. To stay close to God and be inspired by God's words.” Most importantly, she wants him to know that she and his dad will always be there for him.

Logan, Drew and I want you to know that you are a #WorldChanger and a #DifferenceMaker and we are honored to have you on this journey of kindness with us! You have made our day so many times. You have no idea how often your posts or emails have encouraged us when, behind the scenes, we felt like giving up. We are honored to know you and very proud of all you’ve accomplished in such a short time. You are destined for great things. It is our honor to present you with a Courage to Be Kind Medallion, as you have done just that time and time again. We commend your honesty, bravery, compassion and kind heart.

When asked why Logan would encourage others to get involved with Come Together with Kindness he shared, “Come Together with Kindness really helps kids change the world step by step. It is important for kids to be able to do realistic things to contribute to our society. Every kid wants to make an impact, but many of us lose hope because we don’t find that feasible. But Come Together with Kindness really opens that door and make changing the world possible for the youth.” Wow. It sounds like Logan should be the one writing this blog! 😉

CONGRATULATIONS on your Medallion, Logan! It is very much de

served and long overdue! I’ll leave you with Logan’s favorite quote, and we can attest, no truer words have ever been spoken.

“To do, you must first believe.”

- Logan Justin So, 2020

Keep on keepin' on, Logan!

We love the way you roll!

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