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Spring Forward...with Hope!

We all know 2020 was a crazy year, and so far, 2021 seems to be holding its own!

As we spring forward, let's sprinkle a little kindness in there, too. I've been feeling very frustrated and tired. When things drain us emotionally and mentally, we feel drained physically, too.

We've always heard that laughter is the best medicine. I agree, it makes a world of difference! Kindness is another powerful remedy. Much like laughter, kindness lifts the spirits of two people, YOU, and the person you touch with kindness. Kindness really sticks with you, AND, in most cases, it causes a ripple of kindness that can go on and on....and on...and on... ;)

Kindness can be the smallest gesture. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact. That's just one of many reasons we send out *FREE* Kindness Kits to our site members each quarter. Site members have access to our member's only page.

This is where we post information for our kindness club, called Kindness Corp. So be sure to log in and claim free Kits for your kiddos! Hurry! Supplies are limited. We go through Kits FAST!

We not only share Kindness Kits with our members once per quarter through

Operation Good Deed Doer, but we also now provide 500 Kits per month to kids who can really use a bright spot and a touch of kindness!

Speaking of sharing Kits, we're not the only ones sharing away! We've been so busy we haven't yet shared some "super" exciting news! We are now partnering with Super Science Kids! Angelica is another young world changer who started her own nonprofit! The mission of Super Science Kids? "​To prepare the next generation of scientists, technicians, mathematicians, and engineers." Angelica and her mom, Rachel, are simply amazing and we are beyond honored to partner with such a worthwhile organization! You have GOT to go check out Super Science Kids >>RIGHT NOW<<!

That's not all, we're pleased as pumpkins to share even more amazing news! We are partnering with Calie's Acre! We have some fun things planned - COMING SOON! Be sure and create a member log in over at the Calie's Acre website so you don't miss a thing!

We're ready to *spring* forward with hope and a little kindness!

It sure makes a difference to have a little help from our wonderful friends!

We can always use more friends, and the world can always use more kindness...

so, we sure hope you'll join us!

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