Bee Kind Bugs Kit

Bee Kind Bugs Kit

BE KIND BUGS Kit comes with an originally designed sticker featuring cute little bugs made from fingerprints and a plastic bug!
Because sometimes bugs and people bug us, but everyone has a purpose!  We must bee kind!  :)

Read the entire poem below.



Bug, bug, bug,
bug, bug, bug…




Bugs really bug us.
It’s just what they do.
But you can’t make what a bug does
all about you!    


Why are there mosquitoes?
Why are there flies?
Why are there spiders
with eight legs and eyes?


There is a reason.
They serve a purpose.
They aren’t in this world,
only to bug us.


Kind of like people,
all different kinds,
who all think differently
and have different minds.


We may not agree,
they may bug us, too
but they have a purpose
just like YOU!


Keep in mind, 
when a person is a bug,
they might just need something 
as simple as a hug.

So just bee kind!