Kind-O-Saurus Kindness Kit

Kind-O-Saurus Kindness Kit

NEW Design!


For about the same price as a greeting card, send this meaningful Kindness Kit card to someone special. Each Kit comes in a cellophane bag with an item to keep, an item to give and directions.  
Kits are also available in Secret Service Mission design.


KIND-O-SAURUS The dinosaurs left behind clues that helped us determine everything we know about them!  What clues will we leave behind?  What will people remember most about us?  Hopefully it's that we tried our best to be kind.  It's fun to imagine, then, that if we were dinosaurs
we'd be a new species, a Kind-O-Saurus!  Each Kit comes with a small dino to keep and a small dino to give.  As a special nod to the holidays the dinos are in the snow with their snowballs and have on scarves (pictured).  


Visit Giving Gift Co and check out our adorable roaring 8.5" super soft plushie dino to make the perfect gift!  Choose from a T-Rex or Brachiosaurus.  Each features a removable fabric "scarf" piece and a pom pom snowball as a nod to the holiday season.  Push their chest to hear them roar!


Read the entire poem(s) below.




Dinosaurs left behind hints
like footprints and bones
that turned into fossils
which are now stone.


Through all this data
we learned many things
about how the dinosaurs
lived and behaved.  


Some roared loudly, 
were scary and mean.
Some were gentle and quiet,
kind and serene.


Many years in the future,
what will folks find?
What is it that YOU 
will leave behind?


Will you leave behind clues,
memories and traces
that when you did what you did
you left smiles on faces?


Will you always be remembered
for having a fierce roar?
Or will you be remembered
for something more? 


Like helping others 
when they needed a hand, 
for roaming in your world
with a simple plan…


to be your best self.
To leave behind
a legacy of sharing
and being kind.


So, if you were a dinosaur
that would make you
a Kind-O-Saurus,
a new species!  Who knew?!

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