Let it Glow Kindness Kit

Let it Glow Kindness Kit

For about the same price as a greeting card, send this meaningful Kindness Kit card to someone special. Each Kit comes in a cellophane bag with an item to keep, an item to give and directions.  
Kits are also available in Secret Service Mission design.


LET IT GLOW makes a great gift or act of kindness for someone who loves to be him/herself OR who could use some love in knowing that it is OK to just be you and let what other people think GO!  In the spirit of Rudolph and his friends, the misfit toys, may we all understand that it's not about fitting in but embracing our own strengths and using them for good.  What makes us unique is our super power!


Items in Kits will vary.


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A portion of the proceeds benefits www.cometogetherwithkindness.com

Read the entire poem below.

Just like a famous story
we all know,
a famous reindeer 
was cast out in the snow.


But he wasn’t always famous.
They said his nose was too bright.
He listened too much
to those who weren’t right.


There will always be others
who make us feel less.
Others who don’t
bring out our best.


But we must remember,
like this reindeer we know,
that when this happens
we should LET IT GLOW!


Don’t hold on to what they say,
Focus, instead, on what you know


No matter what anyone says,
you’re not a nitwit. 
And what if you happen to a misfit?
Exactly what is it you’re trying to fit?


What makes you younique,
that’s your super power!
When it’s your time to shine
for that minute or hour...


you’ll realize that being you, 
for sure then,
is far more important 
than fitting in!

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