Stranded Starfish No More Kindness Kit (Otterly Adorable)

Stranded Starfish No More Kindness Kit (Otterly Adorable)

STRANDED STARFISH NO MORE kits come with two small starfish charms on lanyard hooks and two postcards featuring original art photography of starfish we rescued in Florida with the poem below printed on the back.  Kindness Kit envelopes feature Drew's original drawing of the otter's arms outreached with the starfish in his hands.  The perfect gift to let the recipient know that they make a difference or that there will be no more stranded starfish kind of days because you will always be there!  


Read the entire poem below.


Add one of the items below to make this the perfect, meaningful gift:


OTTER PLUSH:  Isn't he otterly adorable?!  Our sweet little otter and his buddy, the starfish, are going to float right into your heart!  He is the perfect addition to our Stranded Starfish No More Kindness Kit.  Our little otter is suitable for all ages and made from the finest quality of materials for lasting love. The otter is about 8” long and super soft!  $12.49


STARFISH NECKLACE:  The Sterling Silver Starfish necklace comes on a basic sterling chain.  An optional upgrade to a sterling silver box chain is available.


STARFISH KEYCHAIN:  Measuring about 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall and made with lightweight materials he is the cutest little starfish keychain we have ever seen!  


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Stranded Starfish No More


Everyone has had 
a stranded starfish kind of day.
When things have gone wrong
and it seems no help is on the way.  


We must treat people with compassion
and be kind to each other.
Lift each other up
and support one another.


You never know what someone might be going through.
You don’t know where they’ve been.
You don’t know where they’re going
or what might have happened to them.
Maybe they didn’t smile            
because their heart is breaking.
Maybe they walked mindlessly in front of you       
because their heart is aching.


At some point, everyone has felt stranded,
abandoned and alone,
helpless and sad,
left to figure things out on their own.


Maybe we can’t help someone’s situation.
Maybe it’s nothing we can fix.
But simply being kind
can bring some sunshine to the mix.


Compassion and understanding
can go a long way
when someone is having 
a stranded starfish kind of day.


Enclosed you will find…
Two starfish postcards and charms.

Brighten someone’s day
Give one starfish postcard & charm to someone or leave in a public place.


The remaining starfish charm is a gift for you.
May it serve as a reminder to be kind in all you do. 

Inspired by The Star Thrower by Loren C. Eiseley.


Operation Good Deed Doer Outreach, a creative way to share kindness & make someone’s day!
Our kindness kits come in two styles with one purpose, KINDNESS!


KINDNESS KIT Designs come in fun, colorful envelopes designed by Kindness Kidz.  Kindness Kits include a small, meaningful gift to keep and one to give.  Kindness Kits include original written works sure to brighten someone’s day and cost about the same or less than a store-bought greeting card.


SECRET SERVICE MISSION Designs include directives and a small gift to carry out a small service of kindness. Missions come in hand-stamped, manila envelopes marked, “Top Secret.” 
All Missions contain a small gift the child can keep to commemorate their act of kindness