Otterly Adorable

Otterly Adorable

Isn't he otterly adorable?!  Our sweet little otter with his buddy, the starfish, is going to float right into your heart!  He goes perfect with Kindness Kit Stranded Starfish No More.  He is also a great way to give our sterling silver starfish necklace!  


Suitable for all ages and made from the finest quality of materials for lasting love. He's about 8” long and super soft! 


If you'd like, our little otter can come with a card featuring a darling drawing of the otter's arms outreached with the starfish in his hands. Drawn by Drew it is truly ONE of a kind and lets the recipient know:

A)  That they make a difference OR

B)   That there will be no more stranded starfish kind of days because you will always be there!   

Please tell us at check out IF you would like to add a personalized message and if you prefer A or B.  


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