Polar Bear Care Kindness Kit

Polar Bear Care Kindness Kit

For about the same price as a greeting card, send this meaningful Kindness Kit card to someone special. Each Kit comes in a cellophane bag with an item to keep, an item to give and directions.  
Kits are also available in Secret Service Mission design.


POLAR BEAR CARE is a great way to teach kids that the days are not the same for everyone.  

Polar Bear Care helps kids think about others and explore feelings of empathy for those who may not be as fortunate or who are going through a tough time.  


Each kit comes with a bendable polar bear ready to give hugs and a polar bear sticker.  


Read the entire poem(s) below.


Plush polar bear and whoopy cushion available at Giving Gift Co!

Polar Bear Care (Holiday/Christmas Version)


The holidays are here
and many say, 
it’s the most wonderful time of the year.
But not everyone feels this way.


There are certain things
that can make the holidays blue.
Maybe something like that 
has happened to you.


Maybe someone has lost a loved one.
Maybe someone cannot go home.
Maybe someone has nowhere to go
or is all alone. 
Holidays can be lonely.
Holidays can be trying.
There is often more to it
than gifts that need buying.


Pay attention this holiday,
make an effort to see,
someone who is struggling
or has a need.


It may not always be things
that someone needs.
It might be a bear hug,
conversation and tea.


They may need some help
with shopping or chores.
They might need some inviting
to join a family like yours.


When hearts are hurting
this holiday season,
make a point to be the reason
that they only thought 
their holidays would be un-bear-able.

Be the reason their holidays are warm and full.

When cold and bitterness fill the air,
it’s YOU to the rescue
with Polar Bear Care!



Cut & use the note above to give with a polar bear to share smiles and love!
Be creative with what you say & use a polar bear to make someone’s day!

The other bear is yours, a reminder for you.
May you never forget Polar Bear Care the holidays through.



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