Pumpkin Kind Mini Kit

Pumpkin Kind Mini Kit

Check out our *NEW* Mini Kindness Kits!

Our minis feature a kind message and TWO (2) items inside,

one to keep and one to to give.


Minis come in your choice of a mini box, an organza pull string bag (colors may vary) or a plastic egg - perfect for Easter!  See our other designs!


Great for birthday parties, teacher giveaways, random acts of kindness, rewards and more!

99¢ each.


Pumpkin Kind


Kit Includes

Two (2) custom designed stickers (Buttons coming soon!)

Slip of paper


Slip Reads


It doesn’t matter how round you are.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re flat!

What matters most is how we treat

each other and that is that.”



Boxes 2x2x2 

Lg organza bags 3.5 x 4.75 Inches.

XS organaza bags (for buttons only) 2x2.7


To inquire about bulk discounts email carmen@givinggiftco.com