Show SomeBUNNY Some Kindness Kit

Show SomeBUNNY Some Kindness Kit

SHOW SOMEBUNNY SOME KINDNESS Kit comes with two felt bunny stickers or two paper, emoji bunny stickers or one emoji bunny with one mini bunny figure and encourages everybunny to be the first to help and never give up!  Read entire poem below.

Contents may vary.  We reserve the right to substitue included items.


Show SomeBunny Kindness


Rabbits and bunnies,

are cute and fun,

but there is so much more!

We have only just begun!


Rabbits hop-to,

they’re fast indeed,

the first ones there

when a friend is in need.


Rabbits have endurance.

Endurance you say?

It means you never give up,

you keep going each day!


So be like a bunny!

Give your best!

Give your all!

Follow your heart,

when your heart calls.


Never give up

in all you do.

Be the first to cheer someone

when they’re feeling blue.


Show somebunny some kindness.

Show somebunny some love.

They will always remember

how you went beyond and above.


Be like a bunny!

Have lots of fun!

There is so much more to you!

You’ve only just begun!