Sponsor #knowtheirbackstory Outreach

Sponsor #knowtheirbackstory Outreach

#knowtheirbackstory allows kids to learn what they might read on the back

of someone’s biography by using Story Starters. 


Story Starters are simple conversation starter sheets kids can use to approach

and talk to their peers. 


Story Starters have open ended questions written in an interview format. 

By asking these simple questions, students help their peer write a true story, their story! 

You would be surprised the difference it can make when you #knowtheirbackstory

It’s the perfect project for the first day of school…or anytime. 

Share with students to get to know one another in class or to use on their own.

These are the perfect addition to our Kindness is in the Bag outreach!

Your $20 sponsorship provides #knowtheirbackstory outreach to 25 kids!