Stirring with Holiday Spirit Kindness Kit

Stirring with Holiday Spirit Kindness Kit

NEW Design!


For about the same price as a greeting card, send this meaningful Kindness Kit card to someone special. Each Kit comes in a cellophane bag with an item to keep, an item to give and directions.  
Kits are also available in Secret Service Mission design.


STIRRING WITH HOLIDAY SPIRIT puts a spin on the line from The Night Before Christmas, as we learn that, indeed, a creature, a mouse, to be precise, is stirring!  As a matter of fact, he and his family are stirring with holiday spirit!  He's not the least upset that the story got it wrong because he knows what's important.  He's focused on what matters, his family, and he knows sometimes the smallest gestures make the biggest impact.  


Kit includes a squeak mouse with a fabric scarf and a 2x2 sticker featuring Mouse and his family.

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Read the entire poem(s) below.

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It’s the holiday season,
the time to be jolly.
Time to deck the halls
with bells and holly.


Even though a certain storybook
tells us he’s not stirring,
there is a little mouse behind the scenes 
while the holidays are occurring.


He loves Christmas most of all.
Though his stature is tiny,
his spirit stands tall.


He loves his family
with all his heart.
They’re always excited
for the holidays to start.


What can we learn
from this little guy?
Let’s think about his reasons,
his why.


The smallest gesture
can make the biggest impact.
You don’t have to be seen,
or even heard, to do that.


He loves big,
even though he is small.  
Because he knows that love 
matters most, above all.


He carries his holiday spirit
the whole year through,
and lets it shine bright
in all he might do.


He’s not the least bit upset
the old storybook got it wrong,
because he knows what matters
and holds Christmas in his heart all year long.

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