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Come Together with Kindness accepts nominations for personalized, custom Kindness Kits.  These Kits can be also come as Secret Service Missions.  Children who are going through a difficult time need encouragement and we want to help!  

Custom Kits created in honor of a child will be sent in bulk. The child can keep the Kits and do several  him/herself or share the Kits with others. 




Kits can be sent wherever the child or family chooses, such as a school, children’s hospital, church, etc. 

The child will receive his/her custom Kit and other goodies in a Care Mail package.


 Mission 005 The Traveling Rose was originally given in honor of Keaton, creator of K Club.

 We currently have a variation of the rose called The Traveling Kindness Rose.














  There are five dozen red roses currently in circulation in Keaton's honor. 

Mission 009 Ashton's Smile given to help cheer Ashton on as he conquers Noonan Syndrome.


















Mission 012 Brighten Someone's Day was inspired by Silas and his big, loving, powerful smiles that have brightened his mother’s and grandmother’s days when they needed it most.  Silas and his sweet smile have been a beacon of light for his mom, and he wants to be a doctor after watching her battle breast cancer.  A year later, that smile has also cheered his maternal grandmother as she battled uterine cancer.   















Mission 022 Noted was inspired by one of our Kindness Kidz, Vice President and Courage to Be Kind Medallion recipient, Mitchell Savitsky.  Mitchell used the hashtag #BetterBecauseOfYou and we knew it needed it's own campaign!  

When we take the time

to make kindness quoted,

we’ve made a difference

because kindness was noted.


After your Mission is complete

the world will be #BetterBecauseOfYou

It really is simple to share compliments

and kindness in all that you do.














If you would like to nominate a child for a custom kit, please fill out the 

Nomination Form HERE.

Mission 012 Brighten Someone's Day!
Fun mini notes included!
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