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Kindness Kits!

Kits are available from our sponsor


The Giving Gift Co designs, creates, and sponsors our FREE Kindness Kits each quarter through

Operation Good Deed Doer !  

Kindness Kits feature original art and encourage kids, or adults, to do a good deed or act of kindness.

The Giving Gift Co, started by Drew's mom, Carmen, The Mission Mom,

was inspired by Operation Good Deed Doer and her love for giving the gift of giving.


Kindness Kits are also available in 

Secret Service Mission envelopes!

Secret Service Mission  envelopes are designed to look like top secret orders!

Missions encourage kids to go undercover and do a good deed or act of kindness.



Drew and Carmen, The Mission Mom

All of our Kindness Kits are written by Drew's mom, Carmen. 

That's why she's The Mission Mom!

All Kindness Kits from the Giving Gift Co are originally written, designed,

printed, hand stamped and stuffed!  

See our Kits at Giving Gift Co

Here are a few examples!

Secret Service Mission Kindness Kit
world changer giving gifts

Spring Missions

Fun, meaningful Missions

that are perfect for

spring and Easter.


Summer Missions

Fun Missions to help you

keep it kind while you're keepin' cool!  Kind IS cool!


Everyday Missions

These Missions work great just about anytime!  Check'em out and see what you think!

Learn a little more about our Kindness Kits!

The Traveling Kindness Rose


These Missions work great for Valentine's Day!  Missions make great gifts and party favors!


Santa's Secret Service

The holidays are a great time for kindness!  Enjoy Series I, II and III of Santa's Secret Service!

Ashton's Mission

Custom Missions

Nominate a child who needs encouragement for a  personalized, custom Mission!   

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