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 Courage to Be Kind Medallions

Mission of Courage to Be Kind Medallions

Encourage kids to "come together" and have the courage to be kind, inclusive and compassionate.   

Goal of Courage to Be Kind Medallions

Recognize kids' efforts and bravery to exhibit courage, kindness and compassion. 

Courage  to BE KIND!  Have the courage to start a conversation and offer support when encountering negative peer pressure and negative behaviors.  #ThereIsNoSuchThingAsABadKid

Kindness  Be kind and inclusive to everyone, even those who are not kind.   



Compassion   Exhibit compassion and encouragement to everyone!  Reach out,

not only to those who are hurt by negative behaviors, but also to those who are hurting, as evidenced by the their negative behaviors. #KnowTheirBackStory  #TheirHeartsHurt

Children who have the courage to offer kindness, empathy and support to children exhibiting negative behaviors can make a world of difference.  This kindness can help fill a need for a hurting child and this alone can often times resolve problems and improve behaviors.  


Recipients receive an exclusive, custom Courage to be Kind Medallion designed by

Madeline Ellis of Mimosa Handcrafted. 

Medallions were designed solely for the purpose of recognizing kids who have the courage to be kind.  Medallions are not available for individual purchase.

Recipients are featured on our blog and our website to offer inspiration and encouragement to other kids.


The most recent recipient is featured on our home page!    



Who can nominate someone?  Anyone!

Can I nominate myself?  Of course!  No one knows your heart and your story better than you!

How do I nominate?  Simply email us your nomination story at or tag us in your nomination post or video on Instagram @cometogetherwithkindness 

I’d like to award Courage to Be Kind Medallions through my group or school.  Is that possible?  Yes! 

Contact us at for more information!


Can you replace lost or stolen medallions?  Unfortunately, we cannot.


Other questions or comments?  Drop us a line at

                      Meet Our Designer!  

Courage to be Kind Medallion
Come Together Medallion
Madeline Ellis
Beauty, Strength and HeART
Crawfish Pots
Logan So, Courage to Be Kind Medallion R
Kenikki - Medallion Recipient
Dakota - Medallion Recipient
Oscar, Medallion Recipient
Mimosa Handcrafted

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