Who is ready for SPRING?!

That would most certainly BEE me!  We have some very fun spring and Easter activities that we do every year.  We have some Kindness Kits that are perfect for spring!

Did you know that if you'd like to make our kits yourself you can email me and I will send you the files?  We also have some things on our Pinterest pages!  I'm still working on better organizing our pages but some of my kindness kits are here The Mission Mom on Pinterest and here's the link to the Come Together with Kindness Pinterest page. 

You'll see many of the same things on each page.  I know!  I need to better organize!  And, if you are too busy to craft your own kits, we've got your back!  You can order from our online store and our Etsy shop!






Our Round Robin Egg Game will be back in our Etsy shop before Easter so you can purchase the filled eggs and directions ready to go as a kit OR download the slips and fill the eggs yourself!  The Round Robin Egg Game is a fun, organized, interactive way to open these special eggs acquired during your egg hunt.  On his or her turn, each player opens one egg, shows the contents and reads the enclosed slip aloud.  Slips direct players to perform an action, share kind sentiments, give or take the golden egg or simply explain the treasure found inside the egg. Will you be directed to compliment someone or stand up and lay a golden egg?  Only time will tell! 😉 Once all eggs are opened the player with the golden egg may open it last.  What’s inside or what happens next is yet to be told, but we can promise it will be fun! 😉

The best part about the Round Robin Egg Game is that adults participate, too!  Yep. 

You read that right.  Adults hunt for eggs and play right along with the kids.  Our kids love it when we play with them, and this game is the perfect way to turn your Easter into sweet, fun memories that will last a lifetime.  Have your phone or camera ready, because you'll get some great pictures out of this game, promise!😉

Check back closer to Easter and the kits will be available in our store!




















I have so much to share with you! It just takes time for me to get it all organized and share-able! We love holidays, we love kindness and most of all, we love making memories.

So check back and see what I've added! :)

Don't forget about our spring outreach activities! 

As you may have noticed, some of our activities turn into full blown outreach and we love it!  So be sure and check out these two awesome spring outreach activities!

 Bee the Change Challenge               MAY these brighten your DAY


Kindness eggs to mail
Complete with goodies
Egg gift for teachers or anyone!
Seed eggs for teacher
Kindness Eggs that GLOW!
Glowing Kindness Eggs
Somebunny Loves You
Hiding Kindness Eggs
Round Robin Egg Game
Round Robin Egg Game
Round Robin Egg Game
Round Robin Egg Game
Round Robin Egg Game
Round Robin Egg Game
Round Robin Egg Game
Round Robin Egg Game
Round Robin Egg Game
Round Robin Egg Game
Family name eggs for our Easter Hunt
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