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Good Deed Doer

Doing good deeds makes everyone feel good!

Our Kindness Kits make it fun and easy to get started!

The purpose of Operation Good Deed Doer

Encourage kids to become positive role models and

supportive peers through tangible character-building
stories and activities that promote
courage, kindness, compassion, generosity and so much more.

  • Provide tangible activities for kids to reach out to others. 

  • Provide kids the ability to experience the gift of giving.

  • Provide kids with opportunities to feel and share positive energy.

So, what exactly is Operation Good Deed Doer?

OGGD is a series of character-building, rhyming lesson cards, or Kindness Kits, each with an item to keep and an item to give.  

How did Operation Good Deed Doer get started? 

In 2013 we started doing random acts of kindness with Drew during the holidays.  Our family loved it so much that by 2014 we discovered a way to share our love of random acts of kindness (RAKs).  We started Operation Good Deed Doer by creating kindness kits designed to look like Secret Service Missions. 

We came up with inexpensive, easy, good deeds kids could do.  We did these kits with Drew’s first grade class and the project grew every year thereafter. 

In 2017 we officially launched Come Together with Kindness and started sharing Kindness Kits with kids worldwide!

The project and the Kits have evolved over the years!

To date we've shared over

10,000 FREE Kindness Kits

                  in 14 countries and 40 states and counting!!! 

All Kindness Kits are originally written and designed by

Carmen, Drew's Mom.


Drew provides the artwork for many of the Kits.

Kits are available for purchase and can be customized to meet the needs of your party, organization or business.

Our goal is to give back and help kids.

That's why proceeds help provide free Kits for kids!

Want to get involved?

Email us at


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