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Veteran Book Project

The purpose of this project is to ensure that today’s youth grasp the human element of service, giving kids an opportunity to read, in terms they can understand, the sacrifices, duties, thoughts and feelings of real people, Veterans.


Kindness Kidz will be paired with and interview selected Veterans.  Kidz will write the Veteran's story based on the interviews.  Stories will be submitted to CTWK and compiled into a children's book.  Each book will feature approximately a 

dozen Veterans from different military branches to help children gain an understanding of the individual’s sacrifice and varying services to the country. 


Kidz will be assigned to a Veteran in their area with preference given to Veterans who live alone, in Veteran’s homes and/or nursing homes. 

This is an annual project.

If you are between the ages of 8-17 and would like to apply to be an interviewer or if you would like to nominate a Veteran, please contact

Please contact us to sponsor this project or

donate towards publication and book signing events here:


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