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Outreach Projects

We empower Kidz to help kids!

Join our Come Together with Kindness Club 

and help with these fun and meaningful outreach projects!

Kindness Kidz!


Good Deed Doer

Doing good deeds makes everyone feel good.   Kindness Kits make it easy to get started!

The Legend of Curly Q Drew & The Message

Children's Book

Read along as

Curly Q Drew discovers, mistakes become lessons that help us learn.

Kindness is in the Bag

Kindness is in the Bag

School supply drive to fill pencil bags with a few supplies and alot of kindness!

A Good Sign Project Longview, Texas

A Good Sign Project

Just a few left!

It’s a good sign when you see a Good Sign!

Request a FREE 

Good Sign!

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COMING 2022!

Join ELF365 to help spread kindness around the world 365 days a year and learn

TOP SECRET information

about ELFs!

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