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Meet Dakota

We’d like to introduce, Dakota! Dakota has been selected to receive the Courage to Be Kind Medallion by Mimosa Handcrafted. Dakota was awarded this honor for bravely standing up for himself and others.

Dakota is your typical 12-year-old kiddo. He enjoys soccer and video games and his favorite subject is science. Like so many kids today, Dakota has dealt with physical harassment at school. Dakota was pushed down and hurt on more than one occasion.

Dakota asked his mother if she would accompany h

im as he bravely met with the principal of his school to share these encounters and his concerns about bullying behaviors.

"I did it in case the same thing was happening to someone else who was scared to speak up."

When asked how these experiences have impacted him, Dakota shared, " It makes me more aware of bullying around me. Especially when other kids are picking on my friends."

Dakota has some great advice when dealing with someone who isn't treating you very nice. "You don't have to be friends with someone who isn’t nice to you, but you do have to be kind."

Dakota feels kindness is very important. “If one of the kids who is acting like a bully is feeling down about their selves, try and make them feel better instead of making them feel worse. Always be kind to others. You never know what they are going through."

Great advice from a great kid! Thank you, Dakota, for being brave and taking a stand against negative, hurtful behaviors. We admire your courage and your compassionate heart! It takes courage to be kind!

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