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Operation Good Deed Doer

We are so excited to share free Kindness Kits through our Operation Good Deed Doer outreach!  

  Kindness Kits are greeting card size lessons or mini lessons that contain directions and

small items kids can use to carry out an act of kindness!   

Kits also come in our original Secret Service Mission designs.    

Kits are provided by our very own company and sponsor 


​We will do our best to help

our small corner of the world

come together with kindness,

one friend at a time, one stranger at a time, one act of kindness at a time.

So, what exactly is Operation Good Deed Doer?

We share FREE Kindness Kits each quarter through an outreach project called 

Operation Good Deed Doer.

How do I get FREE Kits?

Create a member log in and join our online kindness club!  It's FREE!

Each quarter members receive an email notification with directions explaining

how to request their free kits!

How did Operation Good Deed Doer get started? 

In 2013 we started doing random acts of kindness with Drew during the holidays.  Our family loved it so much that by 2014 we discovered a way to share our love of random acts of kindness (RAKs).  We started Operation Good Deed Doer by creating kindness kits designed to look like Secret Service Missions. 

We came up with inexpensive, easy, good deeds kids could do.  We did these kits with Drew’s

first grade class and the project grew every year thereafter. 

In 2017 we officially launched Come Together with Kindness and started sharing

Kindness Kits with kids worldwide!

The project and the Kits have evolved over the years!

To date we've shared 4,826 FREE Kindness Kits

in 12 countries and 22 states and counting!!! 



Why do we do it? 

Because we LOVE giving and because we are constantly inspired by others. 

Our goal is to inspire YOU!

Kindness creates a ripple!  One small act of kindness has the potential to do so many things,

go many places and inspire so many people!  Your one, small act of kindness could 

make someone's day.  It could change someone's life, it could even save someone's life! 

You can rest assured that the kindness you share WILL make a difference

in your small corner of the world. 

How do we know? 

Because the act of kindness you share will have the biggest impact on YOU. 

The wonderful things that result from your kindness will just be the icing on the cake!

We have the power to change the world,

one corner at a time, one person at a time, one act of kindness at a time. 

Just imagine our world if we all did this!

 Kindness is the absolute best gift.  It gives back tenfold in the form of valuable lessons and experiences, treasured memories and hearts forever touched, both on the giving and receiving end. 

We have made the most treasured memories through Operation Good Deed Doer. 

Memories that we can pass on for generations. 

Kindness is basically a good habit that takes lots of practice and lots of patience. 

It doesn't mean you are perfect.  There is no such thing!  It doesn't even mean you're kind all the time.  The one thing we are all the time is human! 

Kindness Kits help kids and families get into the habit of thinking kind 365! 

Our Kits aren't just for kids!  Adults enjoy doing Kits with their kids and grandkids. 

Several adults tell us that they have gotten into the habit of thinking kind much more than before

because of our Kits!

That inspires us even more!  





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Video Celebrating 1,000 Missions!

      DID YOU KNOW? 

  1. Registered members of our free online kindness club can request FREE kits every quarter?  

  2. We accept nominations for custom Kits!  How fun is that?! Email us to nominate someone!

  3. We offer free, downloadable Fun Forms!  Check out our RAK Tracker & Compliment Collector!

  4. We accept nominations for Courage to Be Kind Medallions!  Nominate someone today!

  5. Kits designed as Secret Service Missions are numbered in succession.  Mission 001 was our very first Mission!  Missions are not always available in numbered order because they are created for various reasons. For example, custom Missions are not always available and holiday Missions are typically designed in sets.  Because some holiday Missions don't work well year round they may only be available at certain times.

Want to use your talents to help us with our Kindness Kits? 

See a list of ways you can help on our Role Modelz Kidz page or email us!

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