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Seas Each Day!

Whale, hello there! ;)

We've been busy behind the scenes this summer making plans and, as always, writing and designing new Kits! We've added two new Kits to our collection since our last post. Our new Seas Each Day Your Way Kit is a fun, rhyming lesson that plays with words as it compares incredible creatures who really can't be compared at all.

Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

We all have a porpoise ;) so let's get out there and make a splash in our own way!

Another new Kit added to our collection is Super YOUniversity.

This fun superhero Kit serves as a mini training manual that shares top secret superhero

information. Strength isn't always about muscle! Sometimes it takes more strength to be patient, loving and kind!

Each day provides lessons for our own Super YOUniversity! Let us help you find the superhero in YOU!

We're excited to include these two Kits in our selection of *FREE* Kits this quarter! We are always working to improve. To give you the best selection, you'll now be redirected to the

Giving Gift Co to claim your free Kits. This means you'll have over 30 non-seasonal Kits to choose from! Kits are available to site/Club members! It's free to join. Sign up HERE.

Members: log in to our member page for directions to claim your FREE Kits! Offer ends July 2nd!

Items view best in Preview mode.

Speaking of the Club, we've changed the name! As we work to restructure and simplify we realized that the primary function of Come Together with Kindness is essentially running our outreach projects through the club. Kindness Corp is now


You'll probably catch us referring to it as CTWK Club, too!

We're also excited to announce that we hope to start in-person Club meetings before summer is over! If you're in the Longview, Texas area, we hope you'll join us for our

CTWK Club meetings! More info coming soon!

We'll be in touch soon!

Happy Summer!

The Mission Mom

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